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Global Economics and Foods Markets

Week 28 - March 9-13, 2020
Congratulations to the Ag Mechanic Skill team on inning the district this past Thursday. Good Luck at state!!!
Saturday, March 14, 2020 - Miami Trace InvitationalCancelled
Monday- Agribusiness Industry
Tuesday- Thursday- Types of Businesses
Friday- Inservice
Week 27 - March 2-6, 2020 Monday - Strawberries arrive Tuesday & Wednesday - Agribusiness Industry I can describe the process of Production to Consumer Thursday - District 10 Ag Mechanic Skills CDE - Sub Plans Friday- Ag Economics
I can identify Total Product, Average Product, Marginal Product Week 26- National FFA Week Monday- FFA History Kahoot! Tuesday- Build Strawberry Order Wednesday-Sub Plan Thursday- Sub Plan Friday- Sub Plan
Week 25 Tuesday - Strawberry Sale ends Wednesday - Sub Plans Thursday-Friday - Agricultural Finance Week 24 Monday - Tuesday - Cost of Farming I can discuss the cost of farming. Wednesday - Sales Test Thursday - Sub Plans Friday - Leadership Presentation 'Week 23- Public Speaking / Ag Sales - Racine -This Thursday Monday - Conventional Agriculture/ Organic I can identify Conventional and Organic Agriculture Tuesday - Sub Plan Wednesday - Finish assignment from Tuesday and Degree Fixes Thursday - Sales Review Friday - Sales Test Week 22- Chapter Meeting - LHS -This Thursday Monday - Food Label recap/ State Degree Fix Tuesday - Wednesday - Return to Agricultural Sales Customer Objections I can identify common customer objections Thursday - Friday - Closing the sale I can identify how to close a sale I can demonstrate sale closing strategies

Week 21- Sub District Evaluations - LHS -This Thursday Monday - No School - MLK-Day Tuesday - Wednesday - Examine different agricultural food labels I can identify food label meanings. I can identify 3 benefits of food labels I can identify 3 issues with food labels Thursday - Customer relations I can identify customer service issues Friday - FFA Day
Week 20- Ohio FFA STATE DEGREES APPLICATIONS DUE BY THIS FRIDAY! Monday - Tuesday - Ag Sales relationships how to treat customers I Can identify strategies for sales Wednesday - Friday - Sales Advertisements I Can develop an effective sales advertisement. Happy New Year!!! Week 19 - January 7, 2019 Tuesday- Current Events in Agriculture Review Wednesday - Thursday - Intro to Agricultural Sales
I can effectively communicate with a customer.
I can Identify customer service strategies
I can identify ten parts of a small engine- Sub Plans
Friday- Sales Math
I can total a bill including sales tax.
Week 18 Monday - Enter expenses from Laurelville Friut Farm. Tuesday - Enter expenses from Florida Fruit Association and Pearl Valley Cheese. Wednesday - Enter expenses from Signature Beef, DB Yummers, and Meadowbrook FFA. Thursday - Enter fruit income data. Friday - Complete profit/Loss Statement. I can use a spreadsheet to determine profit or loss of fruit sale. I can create multiple sheets within a Google Sheet for fruit sale inputs. I can create an income sheet for all fruit income. I can copy and pastes information from sheet to sheet. I can create formulas on spreadsheet. Week 17 - December 9-13, 2019 FFA Fruit Week "I can organize, pack, sort, and carry fruit." Week 16 - December 3-6, 2019 Novice Parli Pro team advances to Districts at Waterford High School Ohio State Hockey Night December 6th State Job Interview December 7th Fruit arrives week of December 9th Prepare shop for fruit arrival Monday - No School Tuesday- Poster Wrap-Up "I can use google sheets to organize data" Wednesday- Prepare Fruit Summary Thursday- Prepare Fruit Summary
Friday - Prepare for fruit Delivery 

 Week 15 - November 25-27, 2019 Novice Parli Pro team competes at Warren High School- Sub District Ohio FFA Leadership Night - Tuesday at Vinton County - Depart School at 4 pm Return approx - 9:30pm Monday - Ag Careers Posters Tuesday- Ag Careers Posters I can identify two ag careers. Wednesday- Hanging Ag Careers Posters
Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving Break!!!

Week 14 - November 18-22 Monday- Career Plan Form Tuesday- Career Plan Discussion "I can identify a career that I hope to have after high school" Wednesday- Guest Speaker - OSU-ATI Thursday - Friday- Agricultural Career Posters
Week 13 - November 11-15 Friday, November 15, 2019 Fruit orders due Barnyard Olympics at River Valley - Bidwell, Ohio Saturday, November 16 - Logan High School - Dairy Foods Workshop-11am - 3pm - All FFA members invited Monday - No School - Veterans Day Tuesday - Common Interview Questions/ Practices Wednesday-Thursday - Agricultural Careers I can identify common agricultural careers. I can identify common interview questions. Friday - FFA day Ag Ambassador- Teach Ag Day - Visitor - Chloe Metcalf - OSU

Week 12 November 4-7, 2019 Job Interview CDE - Wednesday Hocking Soil and Water Banquet - Wednesday Monday- Thursday-Career Exploration Employability Skills
Develop career awareness and employability skills (e.g., face-to-face, online) needed for gaining and maintaining employment in diverse business settings.
I can Develop a career plan that reflects career interests, pathways and secondary and postsecondary options.

I can Describe the role and function of professional organizations, industry associations and organized labor and use networking techniques to develop and maintain professional relationships.

Week 11- October 28-November 1, 2019 Monday - Tuesday - Wrap up Resumes, Cover Letters, Follow up Letter Wednesday - Friday National FFA Convention Trip Week 10 - October 22-25, 2019 No School on Monday - Teacher Inservice Fruit Sale Continues thru November 7th Tuesday-Thursday Revision of Cover Letter and Follow up Letter. Interviewing I can answer questions in an interview setting. I can Identify common interview questions. I can identify the benefits of a well drafted cover letter. I can identify the benefits of a well drafted follow up letter

. Friday- UNOH College Visitor Week 9 - October 14-18, 2019 Fruit Sale Continues Congratulations to the Urban Soils team on placing 14th in state competition this past Saturday. 10/14/19 - October FFA Meeting at Scenic Lanes - 3 - 4:45 PM

Monday- Resume Revision Tuesday- Cover Letter Wednesday- Follow up Letter Thursday- Interviewing Week 8 - October 7-11, 2019 FFA Fruit Sale Begins Thursday Good Luck to the Chief Logan FFA Soils Team this Saturday at state competition. Monday - Ag Careers I get it when I discover an Ag career I was not aware of. Tuesday - Resume Update I get it when I can present a well thought out resume. Wednesday-Thursday - Ag sales and marketing FFA Fruit Kick off. I get it when I understand the importance of a customer list. I get it when I understand how to properly fill out an order sheet. I get it when I can communicate with customers. I get it when I close a sale. Friday - Follow up/ Cover Letters I get it when I can draft an presentable follow up letter. Week 7 - Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, 2019 Congratulations to the Chief Logan FFA Forestry team on placing 3rd in state competition Saturday at Hocking College. Congratulations to the Urban Soils team on placing 2nd in district and advancing to state contest. Good Luck! Grain Markets - Spreadsheets and Charts Due on Monday I get it when I can create grain line graph charts using Google Sheets. I get it when I can interpret line graph charts. Tuesday - Finish Poster Projects/ Hang the completed Projects/ Update the bulletin board using good presentation skills.

Wednesday - Begin Job Interview- Agricultural Careers I get it when I can identify 5 Agricultural Careers.

Thursday - Resume Update

I get it when I have a resume which includes items that are up to date.

Friday - FFA Day/ AET Update for State Degree's and Proficiency Awards-

I get it when my AET is up to date.

 Week 6 September 23-27, 2019

Ohio FFA online Forestry CDE test on Tuesday District 10 Soils CDE - Thursday

Ohio FFA Forestry CDE- Saturday, September 28, 2019 - Hocking College Monday-Wednesday AG Commodity Challenge Thursday- Current Event Friday- Whats the Deal with ASF Week 5 September 16-20, 2019 Monday - District 10 Forestry CDE - Hocking County Fairgrounds - 2 PM African Swine Fever Update Tuesday Update AET record book with fair participation and finalize fair SAE projects. I get it when my AET is completely up to date. Wednesday Bio Security Discussion Thursday-Friday Agricultural Commodities I get it when I can discuss where and why Ag Commodities are grown. Week 4 - September 9-11, 2019 Hocking County Fair Week - Mr. DeLong and Mr. Dicken will be at several of the Jr. Fair animal shows throughout the week. If you have an animal at the fair, remember to keep the animal watered and clean feed available for it. Also keep your pens clean. Monday Update grain spreadsheets upon arrival to class. Refresher on Parliamentary Procedure - Main Motions - Amendments Tuesday - Parliamentary Inquiry -Question of Privilege Wednesday - Recess -Adjourn I get it when I can demonstrate each of these parliamentary abilities. Demonstration quizzes will take place throughout the week. Thursday- Inservice - Enjoy the Fair- Logan Care and Rehab Walk at 10:30AM

Friday- No School - Enjoy the Fair- Hospitality Table at 5:45PM

Week 3 - September 3, 2019 Monday - No School - Labor Day Tuesday - Ohio FFA Officer Visit - Develop leadership and team building to promote collaboration. I "get it" when I can effectively work on a team.

Wednesday - Creation of three Agricultural Facts Posters for the fair booth.
  - I "get it" when I have three posters with eye catching designs.
Thursday - Creation of three FFA Facts Posters for the fair booth.  - I "get it" when I have three posters with eye catching designs.
Friday- Hocking County Fair Preparations

Week 2 Monday - Friday, August 26 -30, 2019

Update AET Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour - Curent Event Individual CDE Assignments Discussion of United States Commodity Maps "I get it when I can effectively explain why livestock and crops are grown where they are." Creation of the Top Commodity Map of USA

Monday & Tuesday - August 19th & 20th


Wednesday - August 21st

First Day/ Introduction to the world of Agriculture Outcome - 1.11 Principles of Agriculture Economics Population Maps - What are the human populations of Hocking County, Logan, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, United States, and the world? We will be referring to these maps throughout the year. Keep them in your notebook in ag room. Where does the worlds food come from?

What are the populations of the following areas? Place your answers on your map in there given locations.

Logan, Ohio

Hocking county, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio



South Dakota


New York


United States


Thursday - August 22nd

Understanding the Syllabus FFA POA - Program of Activities - What is in store for 2019-2020? Outcome - 1.2 Leadership and Communication

Friday - August 23rd Agriculture Facts - Kahoot Chief Logan FFA Agriculture Complex tour. You will be touring the agriculture facility. - Classrooms, CDE reference room, Ag Lab (Shop), Greenhouse, and Strawberry beds. Outcome - 1.6.1 - Identify business opportunity.


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